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The Sound Meter App is a handy tool that turns your smartphone into a portable sound measuring device. It allows you to measure the sound levels in your surroundings and provides valuable information for various purposes. Whether you’re concerned about noise pollution, working on soundproofing a room, or simply curious about the sound levels around you, this app is a practical solution. With its user-friendly interface and accurate measurements, the Sound Meter App is a must-have for anyone interested in monitoring and managing sound levels.

App Features & Benefits

  1. Real-Time Sound Measurements: The Sound Meter App provides real-time sound measurements, allowing you to see the current sound levels around you. This feature is particularly useful for assessing noise levels in different environments, such as construction sites, classrooms, or concert venues. It helps you identify excessively loud areas or situations where noise levels may impact your well-being.
  2. Decibel (dB) Scale: The app uses the decibel scale to measure sound levels accurately. It provides a clear visual representation of the sound intensity, allowing you to understand the loudness of the environment. This information can be valuable for maintaining a safe and comfortable acoustic environment or complying with noise regulations.
  3. Noise Threshold Alerts: The Sound Meter App allows you to set custom noise threshold alerts. You can define specific sound levels that, when exceeded, trigger a visual or audible alert. This feature is helpful for situations where you need to be notified when sound levels reach a certain threshold, such as during sleep or when working in a quiet environment.
  4. Data Logging and History: The app enables you to log sound measurements and keep a history of your recordings. This feature helps you track sound levels over time and analyze trends or patterns. It is beneficial for professionals working in fields such as environmental noise assessment or noise control, as it provides valuable data for analysis and decision-making.
  5. Export and Share Data: The Sound Meter App allows you to export and share your sound measurements. You can save the data as a file or share it with others via email or messaging apps. This feature is useful for collaborating with colleagues, sharing information with authorities or clients, or keeping a record of sound measurements for future reference.

User Reviews

  • “The Sound Meter App is incredibly accurate and easy to use. I’ve been using it to monitor noise levels in my neighborhood, and it has provided valuable insights. The real-time measurements and decibel scale help me understand the impact of noise on my daily life. I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to take control of their acoustic environment.”
  • “This app has been a game-changer for my work as a sound engineer. The ability to set noise threshold alerts helps me ensure that sound levels during live events stay within safe limits. The data logging and export features allow me to analyze sound measurements and share reports with clients. It’s a reliable tool that I can always count on.”
  • “I recently renovated my home office and used the Sound Meter App to test the effectiveness of my soundproofing efforts. It provided accurate measurements, and the data logging feature allowed me to compare sound levels before and after the improvements. It’s an essential app for anyone interested in noise control or creating a quiet environment.”


The Sound Meter App is a valuable tool for anyone seeking to monitor and manage sound levels. With its real-time measurements, decibel scale, and customizable features, it provides the necessary information to create a safe and comfortable acoustic environment. Whether you’re concerned about noise pollution, working on soundproofing projects, or need to comply with noise regulations, this app is an indispensable companion.

4 Apps Similar to Sound Meter App

  1. Decibel X: Decibel X is a sound meter app that offers accurate sound level measurements and a variety of features for noise monitoring. It provides real-time sound graphs, customizable alerts, and data logging capabilities, making it a comprehensive tool for sound measurement and analysis.
  2. SoundPrint: SoundPrint is an app that focuses on measuring and rating the noise levels of various venues, such as restaurants, bars, and coffee shops. It allows users to contribute and access a database of noise levels to find quieter places or raise awareness about noisy establishments.
  3. Niosh Sound Level Meter: The Niosh Sound Level Meter app is designed by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) to measure noise levels in occupational settings. It provides accurate sound measurements, alerts for excessive noise exposure, and guidance on protecting hearing health.
  4. SPLnFFT Noise Meter: SPLnFFT Noise Meter is a versatile sound meter app that offers accurate sound measurements, data logging, and export options. It includes features such as sound level history, frequency analysis, and the ability to calibrate the app for precise measurements.
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